Instructions for subleasing

1. How many people can you rent your room or apartment to?

A room in a shared apartment and a studio apartment can only be rented out to one person. A room in a female shared apartment can only be rented to a female and a room in a male shared apartment must be rented to a male. Pets are not allowed in shared apartments. You can rent a one person's two-room apartment to a maximum of two tenants.

An apartment for family or friends can be subleased to the number of people indicated by the bedrooms available (for example, an apartment with three bedrooms can be rented to three tenants). In case of joint responsibility tenancy agreements the subleasing agreement must be signed by all primary tenants and their informations must be filled out, even if only a part of the apartment is rented out to a subtenant.

2. Rent

You can only ask for the same rent that you pay Hoas. The rent includes charges for electricity and parking space if they are also collected from the principal tenant by Hoas.

3. Subleasing agreement

Always draw up a subleasing agreement in writing. Please use the subleasing form.

4. Notifying Hoas of subleasing your apartment

You must always notify Hoas at least one month in advance before the subtenant moves in, by sending a carefully filled out and signed subleasing agreement to the Hoas service centre housingservices[at]

5. Certificate of work experience or student exchange

If the subleasing period covers other times besides the summer months (May–August), you must also send Hoas a certificate of your work experience or student exchange. The certificate must indicate the exact duration (start and end dates) of the experience/student exchange.

If you haven't informed Hoas that you are subleasing your apartment by the required date or if the conditions for subleasing are not met, Hoas has the right to not approve the subleasing.

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