What do I need to bring when I come to extend my tenancy agreement?

Extending your tenancy agreement at the Hoas service center:

  • Bring an official identification document. Those who are not from EU countries must show a valid passport. Please note that a student card or Kela card is not an official identification document.
  • All outstanding rents and other fees must be paid. Please bring a receipt of rent payments with you when you come to extend your agreement, just in case the payment does not show up on Hoas's accounts yet.
    • If the tenancy agreement had a fixed term due to the tenant being underaged or due to a credit default history all rents from the entire term of agreement (4mths) must be paid.
  • For university students, a certificate of attendance and a transcript of records is required (a print from the online records is sufficient). For students on upper secondary level a certificate of attendance indicating the duration of the studies and an estimate of graduation date is sufficient. School certificates must not be older than three months.
    • If you do not have enough study credits due to writing your thesis, please bring a statement from your thesis supervisor with you. The statement must include an estimate on the progess/duration of the work as well as an expected completion date. The same applies to work experience.
  • Tenancy agreements for apartments for friends or family are signed by all parties and each person must also provide all the documents required.
    • In family apartments, one of the spouses must be a full time student and in apartments for friends, each tenant must fill the criteria of a full time student.

If there are any outstanding rent payments or other fees, or if you do not bring all the required documents, the tenancy agreement cannot be extended.