Limited time of occupancy

Hoas has set a limited time of 5 years of occupancy on studios. The occupancy time is limited in studios to allow as many students as possible to have the opportunity to live in a studio at some point during their studies. When a tenant has used up the limited occupancy time in a studio, he/she cannot apply for a studio again. This limitation also applies to studios with a shared kitchen and studios with a mini kitchen.

The end of a limited occupancy time

When you're running out of your limited time of occupancy, Hoas will send you a reminder. In the letter you will find specific instructions on how to proceed.

When your limited time of occupancy is ending, you may be eligible to apply for a transfer of right to occupancy. To be eligible for a transfer of right to occupancy, your studies must still be ongoing and they must have progressed according to the criteria set by Hoas. If your studies have ended or do not meet the criteria for full time studies set by Hoas, Hoas will not offer you a new apartment.