Internal transfer

An internal transfer means moving from one Hoas apartment to another (for example from a studio to a shared apartment) without a compelling reason. Internal transfers are for tenants who are not entitled to a transfer of right to occupancy, but wish to change from one Hoas apartment to another. You can apply for an internal transfer by filling in an apartment application. Hoas tenants cannot swap apartments/rooms between themselves.

You yourself must take care of terminating your current tenancy agreement when you move from one Hoas apartment to another. You should not, however, terminate your agreement before you have received a new apartment offer. Hoas is under no obligation to offer you an apartment if you choose to terminate your tenancy agreement before you have been offered a new one.

What if you would like to have your spouse move in?

If your situation changes while you live alone in a studio or two-room apartment, you can let your spouse move in. In such case, the tenant should inform Hoas as early as possible ans send Hoas a fresh certificate of attendance and a study transcript or a study certificate. Having your spouse move in requires always an approval from Hoas and also a new tenancy agreement. It is not possible to take a spouse to live in a studio with shared kitchen or a furnished studio with shared kitchen.

  • The tenant must fill out a new application with the spouse and write on the application that they are applying for the same apartment together.
  • The tenant must terminate the current tenancy agreement and also note on the notice of termination that they will apply for the same apartment together with the spouse.
  • Hoas sends a new apartment offer to them for the same apartment.  The offer must be confirmed normally according to Hoas instructions.
  • Hoas checks that all applicants satisfy Hoas's criteria for tenant selection and right to occupancy. If the information given meets Hoas requirements, a confirmation email is sent to the applicants.  In the case of the criteria for tenant selection and right to occupancy not being fulfilled Hoas cannot confirm the tenancy agreement and the offer will be cancelled and the applicants will be notified.