Most Hoas properties have a sauna, and tenants can reserve a time slot at no cost via the electronic reservation system. When the sauna is on, you can use your own key to get in. You can not enter the sauna at other times so make sure you leave the laundry room after the last time slot. Read more about getting your account details reserving your sauna slot.

One account is entitled to either three or five free sauna reservations per calendar month depending on the property. You can see the number of reservations in the reservation system.

  • The time slots are not reserved on a weekly basis; they are only valid for the specific time you have reserved.
  • The time slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The saunas will be heated at least from Wednesday to Saturday between 5 pm and 10 pm. In some properties there might be slots available at other times as well.

  • If the time slots fill up, you can let Hoas know by sending email to housingservices(at) Hoas can add more sauna time slots for the property.

Hoas asks that you only reserve a time slot if you actually intend to use it, as this will avoid the sauna being heated for nothing and it will bring savings to the heating costs of the property.

In some properties there are shared sauna slots for men and women separately. You can find the shared sauna slots in the booking system. New shared sauna time slots can be reserved at the request of tenant committees.

The reservation system does not cover properties that are not fully owned by Hoas, properties that have no saunas available for reservation, or properties where Hoas does not manage the saunas.

Enjoy the heat while keeping others in mind

Please consider the other users of the sauna facilities and leave the sauna clean and tidy. It is important that you keep to the time slot you reserved and do not use other tenants' slots. It is also good to remember proper hygiene while having a sauna.

You should take note of the following instructions:

  • Shower before entering the sauna.
  • Use a seat cover or towel to sit on while you are in the sauna.
  • Do not waste water.
  • Put rubbish in the bin or take it away with you.
  • Keep to the time slot you reserved; if you stay in the sauna longer, the next user will have a shorter session.

The tenants should also keep in mind that the sauna is meant for their use only and it should not be reserved for nothing. Misusing the sauna will cause losing the sauna slots.