Hoas apartments that have a Telia Internet connection are fitted with a free 50 Mbit Hoasnet connection.

Each tenancy agreement is entitled to one connection, also in family apartments. The connection includes five (5) email addresses.

Telia offers Hoas tenants the option to upgrade the speed at a low price. Check all Telia's services and offers.

If your Internet connection is not working, please contact the service provider. Hoas cannot see the details or status of the connection, so Hoas will not be able to provide any further information to the tenants.

Hoasnet instructions

To start using the broadband connection, you need an ethernet network cable (RJ-45) and your Finnish social security number or your Hoas customer number (on your tenancy agreement: H followed by six digits). If you want to share your connection, you may need a VDSL2 modem. Please contact the service provider for more information.

Connect your computer to the network socket with a network cable. When you connect your computer to the ethernet adapter and run a browser, you will automatically land on the start page for Telia Kodin Netti. If your browser does not automatically open the start page, enter any address in the browser's address bar and you will land on the start page. The start page is in Finnish but it can be changed to English.

Hoasnet instructions for getting started and registering yourself

If you do not have a Finnish social security number, the registration is processed manually at Telia. After the registration, it may take a couple of days before the internet connection starts working.

If you want to use your connection wirelessly or there are other tenants wanting to share the connection, you can buy a wireless router. You must protect your router with a registration key.