Here you find general information for all Hoas tenants. With the housing search you can look into more detailed information about your house.


Additional services for tenants

Hoas has a variety of additional services that are free of charge in almost all Hoas’ properties.


The keys given to you also give you access to shared tenant facilities like storage rooms and the laundry room. Keys to the hobby rooms and club rooms are managed by tenant committees.

Your key is for your use only, and must be handled with care and responsibility. Do not attach the address of the apartment or the owner's name or phone number to the key.

Fault report

We try to respond to fault reports as quickly as possible and they are prioritised according to urgency (for example water damage as opposed to a dent in a door). The less urgent jobs are generally taken care of within a month. Please take into account that certain times of the year are busier than others. For instance, as many people move in the autumn, getting repairs done may take longer than during the quieter periods.

Living at Hoas

A home at Hoas is the first own home to many tenants. This is why many of the responsibilities are still yet to be learned. Your first own home might mean a lot of freedom but it comes with a lot of new things to take care of also.

Tenancy agreement and subleasing

The rights and obligations of both the tenant and the lessor are defined in the tenancy agreement.

Hoas has set a limited time of 5 years of occupancy on studios.

A student renting an apartment from Hoas can temporarily sublease their apartment to a third party during the summer months or for the duration of a study-related work experience or exchange.

Taking care of your home

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to look after the apartment. For example, cleaning the floor drain and the drain trap, changing bulbs and starters is the tenant's responsibility.

Property maintenance

A pleasant living environment is a sum of many things, like a tidy general appearance, nice neighbours and a well maintained property.

Hoas strives to keep its properties in good shape through daily work as well as through scheduled, concerted maintenance and repair efforts. Remember that in addition to this, you yourself have an important role in maintaining your apartment and the entire property. 

Fire safety at home

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is a working fire alarm in the apartment. 

In an emergency, please call the emergency number 112.

Tenant activities

Tenant activities consist of activities our tenants engage in together; excursions, voluntary work days, parties, as well as shared equipment for hobbies.