The time for a spring cleaning is now!

25 March 2020

Make use of the time spent inside and carry out a thorough spring cleaning. Life seems a little brighter in a clean home.

Wash your windows

When the weather is cloudy but dry, take out your window-washing equipment: A cleaning cloth, warm water, washing up liquid and a splash of vinegar. Washing and ironing your curtains will also make your home ready for spring. Wipe the dust from your blinds.

Clean the floor drain in your bathroom

This is kind of gross, but it’s much nicer to have a shower when you know that there are no surprises waiting in the sewer. Maybe you could also add a mesh filter on the drain? It would be easier to clean up in the future. See the instructions on how to clean a floor drain, put on your rubber gloves and take a deep breath. Then just “dive in”! 

Check behind your oven

You can discover the strangest things behind your oven. Crumbs, a fork, spots of grease and a sock you lost six months ago. Carefully pull out the oven from its nook, pick up any loose rubbish, vacuum the floor and wipe down the side walls of the cabinets and the back wall.

Cleaning the oven and stove

If your home does not have a large oven and stove combo that you could move away from the wall, focus you energy on cleaning your stove or your oven.

Clean the ventilation valve

Vacuuming the valve and wiping it down with a damp towel is usually sufficient. If the situation has gotten out of hand, you can take out the valve and wash it. We recommend you to follow these instructions

Wash your floors

Clean floors will make your home fresh again, so finish your cleaning spree by washing your floors. You won’t need much water, wiping the floor with a slightly damp cloth is usually the best option.

And finally: Enjoy your clean home!


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