Saunas will be opened on June 1

15 May 2020

Saunas will be reopened on the 1st of June. Sauna turns can be reserved at the Hoas Booking service two weeks prior to the selected turn, starting on Monday 18th of May.

In addition to the personal turns, common sauna turns continue (if there has been such in your building).

When using the sauna, please take the ongoing corona situation into account. Always maintain good hand hygiene and avoid taking your hands near your mouth after touching any surfaces in the sauna. Keep up with the official instructions and recommendations given by the authorities and apply them to sauna bathing too.

Saunas are cleaned according to normal cleaning cycle and thus won’t be cleaned after every turn or day. Therefore, please keep a good hygiene in mind when usig the sauna.

Please note: If the sauna of your building is closed due to a renovation in the property, it will remain closed. Check Booking for the latest opening information.




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