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16 June 2021

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In the Summer News (16.6.2021) the following topics were covered:

  • First wooden apartment building finished in Tapiola
  • New homes to Myllypuro, Perkkaa and Niittykumpu
  • Free biowaste bags encouraged tenants to sort biowaste
  • Summer job and housing allowance
  • We are looking for hosts to Kannelmäki and to Pasila - apply by 30th of June!
  • Maintain common security
  • How to keep your apartment cool
  • Queuing for a parking space
  • Home insurance, electricity contract, decoration ideas - student life topics in Instagram

The Hoas Newsletter is sent to all our tenants four times a year. If you haven't received the newsletter, please contact our housing services (housingservices[at] and check that we have the right e-mail address for you.


Previous newsletters:

Spring News 2021

  • Rearrangements of storage spaces
  • Tips for smart storing
  • Subleasing during summer or student exchange

Winter News 2020

  • Heating of the apartments
  • Rent increase information
  • New homes to Tikkurila and Tapiola

Autumn News 2020

  • Tips for storing your bike and bike maintenance for winter
  • DNA's Hoasnet to Hoas apartments in 2020
  • Plastic package recycling has started
  • Makeovers for apartments with amenity renovations
  • – support for the everyday wellbeing

Summer News 2020

  • Shared apartment with a friend and longer living opportunity in a shared apartment
  • New homes to Rastila
  • Prettiest student home 2020
  • Updated information concerning corona virus situation

Spring News 2020

  • Important information concerning corona virus situation
  • Plastic recycling containers to properties by summer
  • DNA's Hoasnet to Hoas apartments in 2020
  • Subleasing during summer or student exchange

Winter News 2019

  • Information about plastic recycling
  • DNA's Hoasnet to Hoas apartments in 2020
  • New studios to Herttoniemi and to Pohjois-Haaga

Autumn News 2019

  • Dos and don'ts of biowaste
  • Information about plastic recycling
  • How to act in case of a fire
  • Building new homes and renovating older ones

Summer News 2019

  • Maintain common security
  • New student homes to Herttoniemi 2020
  • Summer job and housing allowance

Spring News 2019

  • Information about plastic recycling
  • Meet Helmi
  • HSY’s collection vehicles
  • New maintenance and repair contracts

Winter News 2018

  • Recycle smartly during the holidays too
  • Join the tenant activities
  • Hoas Vision – share your ideas of future student living

Autumn News 2018

  • Welcome events at properties
  • Try shared car
  • Save energy during the Energy Awareness Week!
  • Heating of the apartments

Summer News 2018

  • Property manager Aleksi shows ISS and Hoas management how to take care of “My house”
  • Hoas caretakers get their hands dirty for the summer
  • Summer job and housing allowance
  • New student homes to Kumpula and Myyrmäki

Spring News 2018

  • HSY’s collection vehicles
  • Subleasing during summer or student exchange
  • Responsible Summer Job

Hoas Newsletter 4/2017

  • Recycle smartly during the holidays too
  • Helping hand for all the extra stuff
  • Rent increases
  • What is the rent composed of?

Hoas Newsletter 3/2017

  • Swag up your student life with Reuse Centre
  • New homes near campuses
  • Electronic agreement confirmation

Hoas Newsletter 2/2017

  • The great first year with our new caretakers
  • Helen’s renewable district heat to Hoas homes
  • Changes to student allowances next autumn
  • Great amount of new homes and repairs this year

Hoas Newsletter 1/2017

  • Changes to Kela's housing allowance and possibilty for separate tenancy agreements
  • Village community in the urban city
  • Constant development work in digital services
  • Good results in the customer survey

Hoas Newsletter 4/2016

  • Hoas Matchie has been launched
  • Recycling tips for the festivities
  • What is the rent composed of?

Hoas Newsletter 3/2016

  • Join the tenant activities
  • Hoas x WTD
  • New Hoas homes

Hoas Newsletter 2/2016

  • New visual identity and new
  • Changes in sauna and laundry booking system
  • New Hoas homes and renovations of the old ones

Hoas Newsletter 1/2016

  • Greener outdoor areas
  • Hoas will be renewed – the new is launched in April!
  • Laundry and sauna reservations

Hoas Newsletter 4/2015

  • Saunas and laundry rooms free of charge from 1.1.2016!
  • Facelift renovations on Pronssitie and Viljelijäntie
  • Rules for applying for and living in Hoas housing are changing
  • Change in the Foundations Act and the new Chair of the Hoas Board of Directors

Hoas Newsletter 3/2015

  • Summer contest winner
  • Everyday Hero on YouTube
  • Join the tenant activities!
  • Hoas news: New strategy & Hoas rents are 30% lower than market rents

Hoas Newsletter 2/2015

  • Apply to be a Hoas host!
  • Graduate, remember to relase your apartment for new students
  • Summer contest!
  • Busy summer season in the customer service

Hoas Newsletter 1/2015

  • Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram
  • Chat service pilote
  • ILOQ locking system to wider use
  • Results of the customer survey

Hoas Newletter 3/2014

  • Hoas 45 years
  • Communal living in Hermanni
  • Recycling tips for the festivities
  • Candles and fire safety

Hoas Newsletter 2/2014

  • Busy September behind -Thank you for your patience!
  • Winners of the photo contest!
  • Come and join the tenant activities!
  • Living in a shared apartment

Hoas Newsletter 1/2014

  • New CEO at Hoas!
  • New type of living in Jätkäsaari
  • Photo contest -win a tablet!
  • Hoas is remodelling its IT-system -launch in 2015

Hoas Newsletter 4/2013

  • Studio and family apartments available in Viikki
  • Hoas tenant committees shared ideas on the new Hoas digital services
  • Wall paintings at a Hoas building won a design award

Hoas Newsletter 3/2013

  • Street art at a Hoas construction site is made to cheer up passers-by in Hermanni
  • A welcome week made the new tenants feel at home in Kumpula
  • Tenant matters and development ideas in the tenants´ co-operation board

Hoas Newsletter 2/2013

  • Hoas eases the housing situation among the students by building new apartments
  • Watch how the Restaurant Day 18th of May 2013 was spent in Jätkäsaari!
  • Maintainance company YIT will change to be Caverion from 1st of July 2013.
  • Urban farming started the summer at Viikki - Pilot projects for new tenant activities are being developed
  • Tenant committees have a possibility to affect renovations in 2014

Hoas Newsletter 1/2013

  • Answer a questionnaire on the Hoas digital services - Win a gift card to Stockmann or movie tickets!
  • Apply to be a Hoas host!
  • How is living in shared kitchen?
  • Hoas is building new student homes in Ruskeasuo, Hermanni and Espoo
  • News, e.g. Hoas services in Leppävaara were moved to Kamppi office from 15th of March 2013 onwards
  • Tenant committees shared ideas on smart and shared living in a idea competition

Hoas Newletter 4/2012

  • A moderate rise in the rents of a part of Hoas apartments from 1.1.2013
  • Hoas-lab: ideas for better living at Hoas
  • New info materials for recycling are being tried
  • In Jätkäsaari, students´ dreams for club lounges are made real
  • Tenant committees shared ideas on a cruise

Hoas Newletter 3/2012

  • Save energy - save the world!
  • Do you think there are bedbugs in your apartment?
  • Come and join the tenant activities!
  • Would you like to learn how to solve conflicts?

Hoas Newsletter 2/2012

  • Find out the best way to make your flat mate happy - Win 200 euros for Stockmann!
  • HoasLab - Ideas for future student housing
  • Did you know that Hoas is also on Facebook?
  • Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama new apartments will be rented out in the summer

Hoas Newsletter 1/2012

  • Aalto University architect Pirjo Sanaksenaho: A shared flat and your own little nook
  • Hoas-laboratorio @ World Design Capital 2012
  • Tell us your ideas on new forms of student living!- Winning team gets 2500 euros!

Hoas Newsletter 3/2011