No new roomie apartment rental agreements will be made

1 June 2020

We are currently harmonising our agreement practices to be able to provide apartments faster as they become available.

Roomie and shared apartments are similar, but they will have different rental terms. Before, you applied for a roomie apartment together with a particular friend, and roomies could have pets in the apartment. You can continue to apply for an apartment together with a friend. But the new rental agreements no longer allow for pets in shared apartments. You are still welcome to bring your pet to Hoas studios, studio apartments, and family apartments.

If you have already applied for a roomie apartment

If you have selected a roomie apartment as an option in your application, you will continue to apply normally for the other apartment types you have selected. You can also add more apartment types to your application by using the Updating application form.

If you currently live in a roomie apartment

If you are living in a roomie apartment now, the change will have no effect on your agreement. You can still suggest a replacement if rooms become vacant and still keep your pet(s) in the apartment. However, any new agreements made for that apartment are made as shared apartment agreements.

Persons who stay and live in a roomie apartment alone may also ask about renting the whole apartment for themselves. Renting is possible when the apartments in the area are not in high demand. The purpose of Hoas is to always offer housing for as many students as possible. 


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