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8 December 2020

Hoas rents out furnished apartments during the springtime from January to May and unfurnished apartments during the summertime from April to August.

Anyone who has a temporary job or studies in Helsinki metropolitan area can apply for both furnished and unfurnished apartments. Students are given priority in housing.

Furnished apartments for the spring

The furnished apartments for springtime (from January to May) are rented out from a quota reserved for exchange students. Apartments are rented maximum until the end of May (31.5.). All apartments have basic furniture (bed with mattress, wardrobe, table, chairs and lamps).

Read more about the furnished apartments.

For more information, contact our exchange student services exchangestudents[at]hoas.fi.

More information about the furnished apartments and where they are situated on exchange student pages.

Unfurnished apartments for the summer

Summer apartments are unfurnished rooms or apartments and are rented from April to August.  Most of the summer apartments are rooms in a shared apartment. Studios are not available. The availability for family apartments for summer is low and it is unlikely that these options can be offered. Apartments are rented maximum until the end of August (31.8.). The apartments are located mainly on the outer edges of the capital area.

Read more about the unfurnished apartments.

For more information, contact our housing services housingservices[at]hoas.fi

Apply by filling in a summer application

Fill in the application form for summer apartments online. You can fill in the application once you have received a confirmation of your summer job or summer school. The tenancy agreement is signed in the signature service and all required documents are uploaded there as well. Any missing document can be sent to Hoas by email. Once we have received your documents and accepted them, we will send you a confirmation by email.

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