Look of an apartment in Hietapellontierenewed in less than two weeks

17 August 2020

Amenity renovations improve resident comfort. Renovations are being made at Hoas to properties that are technically in perfect condition, but look a bit shabby overall. With the renovation, the apartments will be made functional, modern and comfortable for the residents with as little living discomfort as possible.

Kitchen, bathroom and floors renewed

The bathrooms, kitchens and floors of the Hoas Hietapellontie apartments were renewed. All in seven working days, while the resident was living in the apartment.

The bathrooms in the apartments of Hietapellontie got a whole new look: the premises were tiled and the bathroom fittings were renewed. The kitchen was also transformed. The kitchen furniture was replaced down to the frames, the backsplashes were re-tiled, the lighting was updated and the ovens and refrigerators were replaced. The apartment’s wardrobes were refurbished and old plastic flooring replaced with stylish vinyl planks.



New look for the entire property

In connection with the renovation, shared premises were also renewed. The saunas and bathrooms were completely renovated and the club rooms were decorated to be comfortable. Thus, the look of the entire property was brightened up in a total of only four months of repair work.

Residents are able live in their homes throughout the renovation

Residents do not have to move out of their apartment during the amenity renovation. The duration of the renovation per apartment is planned for each property according to the content of the renovation. On Hietapellontie, the renovation of one apartment was completed in seven days.

“Amenity renovation is a highly refined repair model that we have systematically developed and refined. Today, the model is also used by Asokodit and Espoon asunnot. They also feel that it is a good way to make a renovation and improve the comfort of the apartments”, says project manager Laura Pääkkönen.

During the renovation, residents will pack some of their goods in cardboard boxes provided by Hoas. The work goes smoothly when the resident is away from the apartment during the work. When the work is completed for the day and the apartment is put back into habitable condition, the resident receives a message and can return home.

As the bathrooms of the apartments were also completely renewed on Hietapellontie, temporary sanitary facilities were arranged for the use of the residents during the renovation of the apartment. 

Rent rebate for residents

Residents received a rent rebate for both the inconvenience caused by the bathroom renovation and the use of electricity during the renovation - if the electricity was not already included in the lease agreement.

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