Important information concerning corona virus situation

13 March 2020

The ongoing spreading of corona virus across the world and in Finland is affecting everyone’s life one way or another. It is extremely important to follow and obey official information and instructions given by the authorities.

We gathered here important information about:

  1. What instructions to follow and where to find them
  2. How does the situation affect on housing and what is Hoas’s role
  3. Cleaning of the Hoas properties is optimized
  4. Contacts to Hoas should be made online or by calling
  5. Service center opening hours will be shorter for some time

1. Follow official instructions concerning corona virus

Please follow and obey official instructions and guidelines given by the authorities on how to to deal with corona virus prevention, suspicion of infection or other corona virus related issues.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is the official national authority (THL):
National telephone service gives advice on coronavirus: 0295 535 535 (more information)

The Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) gives information and instructions concerning the situation in the metropolitan area:

If you have an acute situation*, please call your local health care center:
Coronavirus helpline for residents of Helsinki: 09 310 10024
Vantaa's health care center: 09 839 50 000
Espoo’s health centres: 09 816 34500
Kauniainen’s health center: 09 8789 1350

*) Please note: Fri 13th March HUS informs: ”Patients with respiratory infection symptoms who are in good general health should no longer call healthcare units or the Medical Helpline even if they suspect having contracted the coronavirus. Only contact the Medical Helpline or healthcare units if your condition worsens to the point that you feel you cannot cope with home remedies alone." Check latest instructions here

2. How does all this affect on living at Hoas and what does Hoas do

In everything you do, please follow the official instructions given by the authorities. At this moment, that means for example washing your hands carefully and often, staying home if you feel sick, avoiding close physical contact on free time activities, not meeting elders and avoiding travelling. (Check for example THL’s latest updates about corona virus situation)

If you suspect carrying the virus and your condition worsens to the point that you feel you cannot cope with home remedies alone, contact your local health care center (check the information above) and follow the instructions you get.

In case of infection intructions about e.g. quarantines are given by the authorities (health care institutions and alike). If needed, we will act without delay helping authorities in informing our tenants if for example there is an infection that requires actions in one of the Hoas homes. We will make all required arrangements that officials order. Isolate yourself voluntarily, if you suspect an infection or have for example returned from a trip to an area with many corona virus infections.

It is important to coordinate actions via the authorities in serious infection cases.

As precautionary measures our service center visiting hours will be shortened and cleaning in properties is optimized. More information about these later in this letter.

We follow the situation carefully and inform our tenants always when needed. The latest information is always found on the front page of our website.

3. Cleaning of the properties is optimized

Cleaning of the common areas in all Hoas properties is optimized to prevent spreading of the corona virus. This means that the emphasis of the cleaning is on surfaces that are touched the most (e.g. door hadles, elevator buttons, lamp switches).

4. Contacts us online or by calling

If you have questions concerning different housing matters, please call us or send an email. Avoid coming to the service center.

Please check for online applications, fault report form and a lot of other useful information. There is also chatbot Helmi, who helps you with your questions 24/7.

  • Our email addresses:
  • applications, tenancy agreements and parking spaces
  • rents and deposits
  • condition of your apartment and the property or apartment inspections (fault reports via the fault report form)

The phone service (09 5499 00) is open:

  • Mon 10am–4pm
  • Tue–Thu 12pm–4pm
  • Fri 10am–4pm

and in addition 10am-4pm on first and last working day of each month

The visiting hours of the service center on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu have been shortened. March 16th-20th we are open Mon, Wed, Fri 1pm-3pm.

Please note: It is possible that under these unusual circumstances we will temporarily suffer from lack of personnel. That might lead to longer answering times in emails and phone service. We aim to serve efficiently, but ask for patience. We also ask you to postpone all contacts that are not urgent.

5. Service center opening hours will be shortened

Starting on Monday 16th March the visiting hours of the service center on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu will be the following:

  • Mon 1pm-3pm
  • Wed 1pm-3pm
  • Fri 1pm-3pm

These exceptions apply to March 16th-20th and after that the weekly situation is updated to So go to front page to check current opening hours.

Phone service is open according to normal opening hours (Mon 10am–4pm, Tue–Thu 12pm–4pm, Fri 10am–4pm).


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