Hoas will give up two properties in Kuitinmäki Espoo

3 December 2019

These properties are situated on Avaruuskatu 3 and 4 and have 173 apartments altogether. The decision is based on the condition of the properties and the inconvenient space arrangements.

Tenancy agreements in those buildings will be terminated step by step starting with Avaruuskatu 4 in June 2020. Tenancy agreements in Avaruuskatu 3 will continue until 2021. All tenants have been informed. Hoas aims to offer new apartments within good public transportation connections to schools for the tenants of Avaruuskatu that still have a need for a student home.

The decision to give up these properties has been made in Hoas board of directors and in administrative organs of the City of Epoo. Avaruuskatu properties are on rented plot so the lease will be terminated and the City of Espoo will start to rezone the area.

Our goal is to offer easiest and the most comfortable living for the students in the capital area and one important part of this is to maintain the good quality of apartments and a convenient range of apartment types. In order to preserve these buildings in Kuitinmäki, we would need to perform substantial renovations and changes to apartment types there in the upcoming years and that would lead to excessive rent increases.

While we need to give some properties, there are constantly new ones coming. For example building of a wooden block of flats will start in Tapiola in 2020. There will be 165 new student homes in this 13-storey building.


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