Hoas closes all of the common spaces

17 March 2020

Hoas closes all of the common areas to prevent and delay the spreading of coronavirus

Saunas, club rooms, music rooms, gyms and any other common areas will be immediately closed on all Hoas properties. Only the laundry rooms stay available to tenants. We strongly recommend that you avoid using laundry room if it’s possible to you.

We will follow the authorities’ information and will open the common areas when it it safe to our tenants.

As a tenant, your role in delaying the spread of the virus is important. Please make sure that you wash your hands properly and stay home if you are ill. It is extremely important to follow the instructions of the authorities in all situations.

Hoas property maintenance and cleaning will begin an enhanced cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Particular attention is paid to door handles, light switches, elevator knobs, waste bin handles and other frequently touched locations


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