Five tips for finding an apartment

14 February 2020

When to apply?

You can submit an application as soon as you have been admitted to a school, however no more than four months before you intend to move in.

Select several residential districts

The application form will suggest you some residential areas based on your school’s location. We try to provide you with a home that is close by or has good transport connections to your school so that your housing situation will support your studies.

Hoas has apartments in 42 different areas in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen, and many of them are very close to the campus areas. The buildings in Otaniemi and close to the Helsinki city centre are the most sought-after locations. There is a queue of more than a year for studio apartments in these buildings. Your chances of getting an apartment are the better the more locations you put in your application. You can even put in all the different areas!

Enter your maximum rent

How much are your prepared to pay for your apartment? We will offer you an apartment based on the maximum rent you have entered in your application. A large studio apartment in a popular area can cost €925 per month, a smaller studio in a different area could be €500, and €300 is often enough for a room in a shared apartment. The larger your price range, the wider the selection of apartments we can offer you.

Rooms in shared apartments have short waiting times

Could a room in a shared apartment be a good fit for you? It’s worth considering. Some advantages of shared apartments are affordable rent, short waiting times and good company. Room in a shared apartment

Keep your application up to date

An apartment application is valid for three months, so you should remember to update your application at least every three months to maintain its validity. Updating application

Report a changed situation

You can add apartment types to your application or increase the maximum rent you entered with an application update form.


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