Coronavirus related arrangements at Hoas

4 December 2020

Service Center

In order to prevent coronavirus from spreading, Hoas service center in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29 is closed. Nevertheless, it is possible to pick up keys to your new Hoas home from Hoas service center during special key pick-up times. Read more about how to pick up your keys

If you are ill or suspect you might have contracted the coronavirus, please authorize another person to pick up the keys on your behalf. You will find a template for the authorisation letter here.

Common areas

Saunas, laundry rooms and club rooms will remain open. Do not use any common areas if you are ill or if you suspect you might have contracted the coronavirus. Follow good hand hygiene and safety distances when using common areas. We recommend wearing face mask when using spaces where there might be others at the same time. Please make sure that you leave common areas in clean condition after using them.

Shared kitchen will be cleaned daily. Please make sure to leave shared kitchen in clean condition and wash your hands always before you use the kitchen.

Fault reports and apartment inspections

We continue doing maintenance and repair works as usual. If necessary, the contractor will contact you beforehand before entering the apartment. If you or someone else in your apartment is ill or in quarantine, please contact Hoas maintenance services immediately, so that we can postpone the maintenance visit. If you are unable to inform us beforehand, please communicate with the contractor latest when they are entering your apartment.

We will also continue doing apartment inspections as usual. You can check the timetables for inspections from our webpage: If you are moving out from shared apartment, it is important that you inform your roommates about the inspection. If you or your roommates are ill or in quarantine, please contact Hoas maintenance services immediately.

Tenant activity and other gatherings

In all gathering’s tenants must consider the instructions given by the authorities, regarding the number of people in gatherings, the safety distance and good hygiene.

Shared living

In shared apartments it is impossible to avoid meeting other people as you share common areas with other tenants. In shared apartment it is especially important to consider the other tenants by taking care of good hygiene and making sure to keep safe distance to other is possible. Please clean the surfaces in common areas after using them and remember to wash your hands. In shared apartments it is also important to minimize the number of guests.

If you are ill or suspect you might have contracted the coronavirus, please inform your roommates as soon as possible.

More information:

Please follow and obey official instructions and guidelines given by the authorities on how to deal with corona virus prevention, suspicion of infection or other corona virus related issues.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is the official national authority (THL):
National telephone service gives advice on coronavirus: 0295 535 535 (more information)

The Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) gives information and instructions concerning the situation in the metropolitan area:

If you have an acute situation*, please call your local health care center:
Coronavirus helpline for residents of Helsinki: 09 310 10024
Vantaa's health care center: 09 839 50 000
Espoo’s health centres: 09 816 34500
Kauniainen’s health center: 09 8789 1350


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