Available rooms

24 May 2016

The housing situation in the Helsinki region is a lot easier during the spring and summer. Especially rooms in shared apartments for girls can be found at a very short notice.

Here are some areas where we have available rooms in shared apartments for girls:

  • Helsinki: East-Helsinki, Kurkimäki, Malminkartano (rents between 238-293 €/month)                                                              
  • Vantaa: Koivukylä, Kulomäki, Ruskeasanta, Jokiniemi (rents between 186-280 €/month)

Waiting time for studios, two-room apartments for one person, family apartments and apartments for friends is usually little bit longer.

You may apply by submitting a housing application on Hoas website. If you already have a valid application for a studio apartment or a two-room apartment for one person you can update your current application to include shared apartments via the update form.

Welcome to apply to Hoas!




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