303 Hoas homes were completed in January

4 February 2020

From new production and basic renovations, a total of 303 apartments were completed in January: 184 studio apartments, 59 family apartments, 6 two-room apartments for one person, 53 shared apartments and one roomie apartment.

Tenants started moving into the new premises in Kettutie in Herttoniemi on Friday, January 31. This six-storey house has 130 apartments, of which 117 are studio apartments and 13 are family apartments. Tenants can benefit from shared sauna and clubroom spaces on the roof terrace, laundry room, bike and pram storage facilities, and storage closets for all apartments. Kettutie has excellent access routes to the Viikki and Myllypuro campuses.

The Siilitie metro station is a mere three-minute walk away.
Renovations were completed for 173 apartments in January. We finished renovating 20 student apartments in Akanapolku in Jokiniemi, Vantaa, and 16 apartments in Jämeräntaipale in Otaniemi, Espoo. In Helsinki 36 apartments were renovated in Kitarakuja, Kannelmäki, and 85 apartments in Hopeatie, Haaga.

The basic renovations included remodelling kitchens and bathrooms, redecorating, and remodelling the electrical systems, water and sewer networks, and ventilation in the whole building. At the same time, apartment floor plans were modified to better suit the needs of tenants. Some of the shared apartments were turned into studio apartments or family apartments. Also, some larger one-bedroom apartments were divided into studio apartments. In the Hopeatie building in Haaga, a total of 23 new apartments were achieved by rearranging the floor plans.

In Kitarakuja, shared spaces such as the saunas were also renovated in addition to the apartments.


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