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Deposit returns of the agreements that ended in April

Hoas will return the deposits of the tenancy agreements that ended in April during 17-31.5.2021. Unfortunately a specific time when the tenant's...

Current application situation

Current application situation 5.5.2021

How to get keys to your new Hoas home?

You can pick up keys to your new Hoas home from Hoas service center during special key pick-up times. In all other matters concerning living in Hoas housing, please contact us via phone or email.

Common spaces will be opened starting from 3.5.

Common spaces that have been closed due to the corona situation will be reopened on the 3rd of May.

Flatmate fun competition in Instagram

Movie nights, cooking or maybe just relaxing together? Living with a flatmate can mean fun moments and happy everyday life. What kind of things do...

Current situation of deposit returns

456 tenancy agreements ended in February 2021. Hoas started returning the deposits of these agreements on March 15th. 358 deposits have been return...

Rearrangements of storage spaces – check tips for smart storing

Based on tenants’ feedback and development ideas, we have now started a project to reorganize storage spaces at Hoas properties. In the future, all...

Common rooms will be closed at all Hoas properties

Hoas closes all common rooms to prevent spreading of coronavirus. All club rooms, music rooms, gyms and any other common areas will be closed immed...

New studio and family apartments to Tapiola

In spring 2021, a wooden apartment building will be completed at Tuuliniitty 1, in the centre of Tapiola, with 154 studio apartments and 11 family...

Looking for housing for the spring or summer? Apply for summer apartment now

Hoas rents out furnished apartments during the springtime from January to May and unfurnished apartments during the summertime from April to August. Anyone who has a temporary job or studies in Helsinki metropolitan area can apply for both furnished and unfurnished apartments.

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