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New studio and family apartments to Tikkurila

In the centre of Tikkurila, at Vehkapolku 10, 162 new student homes are expected to be finished by Mayday 2021. The eight-storey building will...

Current application situation

Current application situation 11.11.2020

How to get keys to your new Hoas home?

You can pick up keys to your new Hoas home from Hoas service center during special key pick-up times. In all other matters concerning living in Hoas housing, please contact us via phone or email.

Current situation of deposit returns

541 tenancy agreements ended in September 2020. Hoas started returning the deposits of these agreements on October 15th. 286 deposits have been...

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Temporary issue with Hoas phone service

Calls don't come through to our service advisors.

Bicycle storages have been cleaned - check tips for bike maintenance and storing

In August, over twenty bicycle storages at Hoas properties where cleaned and emptied of old and broken bicycles and other extra stuff. These storage rooms have now much more space and a cleaner look.

Temporary issue with Hoas website fixed

Problem solved.

When arriving to Finland

Always follow and obey official instructions and guidelines given by the authorities on how to to deal with corona virus related issues.

Look of an apartment in Hietapellontierenewed in less than two weeks

Amenity renovations improve resident comfort. With the renovation, the apartments will be made functional, modern and comfortable for the residents with as little living discomfort as possible.

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