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Current application situation

Current application situation 28.7.2021

Current situation of deposit returns

993 tenancy agreements ended in June 2021. Hoas started returning the deposits of these agreements on July 15th. 138 deposits have been returned so...

How to get keys to your new Hoas home?

You can pick up keys to your new Hoas home from Hoas service center during special key pick-up times. In all other matters concerning living in Hoas housing, please contact us via phone or email.

The right to apply for a Hoas apartment ends on the 30th of June for everyone studying in the surrounding municipalities

The exeption to the right to apply for a Hoas apartment when studying in the surrounding municipalities of the capital area ends on June 30, 2021.

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How to keep your apartment cool

To make living as comfortable as possible, check out our tips on how to maintain temperature comfortable inside the apartment.

Apply to be a Hoas host for exchange students! (latest by 30.6.)

Hoas is looking for a host to make Junailijankuja, Kitarakuja and Klaneettitie a home for exchange students from 1.8.2021 until 31.5.2022.

Hoas Booking service break on May 20th

There will be a service break on Hoas Booking on Thursday 20th of May from 8 am due to a system update. The break is estimated to last a couple of hours

Deposit returns of the agreements that ended in April

Hoas will return the deposits of the tenancy agreements that ended in April during 17-31.5.2021. Unfortunately a specific time when the tenant's...

Common spaces will be opened starting from 3.5.

Common spaces that have been closed due to the corona situation will be reopened on the 3rd of May.

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