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Current situation of deposit returns

509 tenancy agreements ended in February 2020. Hoas started returning the deposits of these agreements on March 16th. 410 deposits have been return...

The time for a spring cleaning is now!

Make use of the time spent inside and carry out a thorough spring cleaning. Life seems a little brighter in a clean home. Wash your windows When th...

How to get keys to your new Hoas home?

You can pick up keys to your new Hoas home from Hoas service center during special key pick-up times. In all other matters concerning living in Hoas housing, please contact us via phone or email.

Repair works and apartment inspections interrupted

Hoas interrupts all nonurgent repair works and apartment inspections for tenancy agreements ending in March

Hoas closes all of the common spaces

Saunas, club rooms, music rooms, gyms and any other common areas will be immediately closed on all Hoas properties. Only the laundry rooms stays available to tenants.

Important information concerning corona virus situation

The ongoing spreading of corona virus across the world and in Finland is affecting everyone’s life one way or another. Read five important things every tenant should be aware of.

Follow official instructions concerning corona virus

Please follow and obey instructions of official authorities on how to to deal with corona virus prevention, suspicion of infection or other corona virus related issues.

Current application situation

Current application situation 5.3.2020

Deposit returns of the agreements that ended in February

Hoas will return the deposits of the tenancy agreements that ended in February during 16-31 March 2020. Unfortunately a specific time when the...

Five tips for finding an apartment

About 27,000 applicants fill in a Hoas apartment application every year. In comparison, we sign a little over 9,000 rental agreements annually. Getting an apartment can therefore be challenging – but it is not impossible! Here are a few tips for successful apartment search.

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