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Deposit returns of the agreements that ended in August

Hoas will return the deposits of the tenancy agreements that ended in August during 16-30 September 2019. Unfortunately a specific time when the...

Current application situation

Current application situation 4.9.2019

Current situation of deposit returns

544 tenancy agreements ended in July 2019. Hoas started returning the deposits of these agreements on August 15th. 81 deposits have been returned s...

Exceptions in opening hours due to Midsummer

Our service center closes for Midsummer already on Thursday 20th June. Opening hours of the Midsummer week: Mon 17th June open 10am-4pm Tue 18th Ju...

Exception in opening hours on Fri 14 June

Hoas Service Center (incl. phone service) is closing already at 2.30pm on Fri June 14th (open 10am-2.30pm).

Apply to be a Hoas host for exchange students! (latest by 26.4.)

Apply to be a Hoas host for exchange students!

Exceptions in Hoas Service Center opening hours in spring and early summer

Hoas Service Center has several exceptions in opening hours in spring and early summer. Check all dates and times here.

Do you need housing for May?

There are still furnished rooms in a shared apartments available for May. These apartments are rented to either all female or all male tenants....

Rent a room in the new public transport fare zones A and B

New HSL tickets and zones will be introduced in April, take a look at immediately available Hoas rooms in zones A and B!

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