Rent a room in the new public transport fare zones A and B

New HSL tickets and zones will be introduced in April, take a look at immediately available Hoas rooms in zones A and B!

Current situation of deposit returns

626 tenancy agreements ended in February 2019. Hoas started returning the deposits of these agreements on March 15th. 373 deposits have been return...

Current application situation

Current application situation 7.3.2019

Deposit returns of the agreements that ended in February

Hoas will return the deposits of the tenancy agreements that ended in February during 15-29 March 2019. Unfortunately a specific time when the...

Looking for housing for the summer

Hoas rents out unfurnished apartments during the summertime from April to August. Anyone who has a temporary job or studies in Helsinki metropolitan area can apply.

Delays in maintenance work

Over the past few weeks the heavy snowfall and rapid changes in the weather have kept the maintenance companies busy. This has resulted in the...

Snow clearing at the properties

Now that there is enormous amount of snow, and is predicted to come even more, the maintenance company is doing only snow clearing. All the resourc...

Clearing the snow and common area cleanings

During the previous weeks it has been snowing rather heavily in the Helsinki metropolitan area. To keep the pathways and roads as clear as possible...

Property maintenance during Christmas

There might be exceptions in property maintence and cleaning during Christmas. Maintenance runs infrequently due to holidays. Submit fault reports...

Exception in opening hours on Wed 19 December

Hoas Service Center (incl. phone service) is open 12pm-2.30pm on December 19.

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