Returning the keys

1. You can return the keys to the Hoas service centre in a sealed envelope at the end of the lease

On the envelope, you should mark clearly your own name, the address you are moving out from, the return date and your signature.

You can leave the key envelope in the white mailbox inside the service centre or in the mail slot on the left side of the service centre door outside office hours.

Key return day

At the end of the tenancy agreement, the tenant moving out must return the keys by 9 am on the next business day after the tenancy period ends. If you wish, you can return the keys earlier than that.

  • If your tenancy agreement ends on Saturday, you must return the keys by 9 am on Monday.

 2. You can also hand the keys directly to the new tenant by signing a handing over the keys agreement

The tenant moving out of the apartment and the new tenant moving in can agree between themselves to hand the keys over before the rent responsibility changeover. This way, the tenants can make the organisation of the move easier. Please note that keys to parking spaces and parking permits cannot be given to the new tenant. They must always be returned to the Hoas service centre. Handing over the keys to the new tenant must be made with the handing over the keys agreement.

Remember the following:

  • Keys received from the tenant committee must be returned to the tenant committee.
  • Keys cannot be returned by mail. If keys are sent by mail and they are lost, Hoas will charge the costs incurred by the lost keys (rekeying the locks) from the tenant moving out. 
  • Keys must not be left in room doors or elsewhere in the apartment without signing a key transfer agreement.

All keys must be returned

In addition to the keys to the apartment and the room, be sure to also return any keys or passes to parking spaces or mail boxes, laundry key cards and locks, keys to the waste disposal system and parking permits.

If you neglect to return the keys, i.e. the keys or a handing over the keys agreement is not returned to Hoas within the set time, the apartment locks will be rekeyed and the apartment may be cleaned. The rekeying of locks and every missing, broken or incorrectly returned apartment or room key, or keys to parking spaces or mail boxes, laundry key cards and locks, keys to the waste disposal system and parking permits will be charged according Hoas's tenant charge sheet.