The tenant moving out

The key transfer itself and delivering the handing over the keys agreement to Hoas are the responsibility of the tenant moving out. You should note that the tenant moving out is responsible for paying the rent and keeping the apartment in good condition until the end of his/her tenancy period.

If you plan to hand over your keys to the new tenant when you move out, do the following:

1. Ask the new tenant to show the confirmation notice of a tenancy agreement and an identification document before you sign a handing over the keys agreement.

2. The new tenant must check the level of cleaning in the apartment before signing the agreement.

  • For rooms in shared apartments, the new tenant only accepts the condition of the room itself; for the common spaces, the tenant moving out can still be invoiced if any problems with the cleaning level are reported in the move-in reports.

3. Fill in the handing over the keys agreement together

  • You must fill in three copies of the agreement: one for you, one for the new tenant and one for Hoas.
  • You must provide all the required details in the agreement.
  • It is the tenants' responsibility to check that the details are correct. An incomplete handing over the keys agreement equals an incomplete key return, which may lead to recoding the locks.

4. Keep a copy of the handing over the keys agreement for yourself, so that you can prove that you have handed the keys over.

5. Return the complete form signed by all parties to the Hoas service centre immediately, at the latest by 9 am on the next business day after the tenancy period ends.

  • If your tenancy agreement ends on Saturday, you must return the keys by 9 am on Monday.