New tenant

You should not sign a handing over the keys agreement without checking how well the apartment is cleaned

Do not sign a key transfer agreement without seeing the state the apartment is in – signing the handing over the keys agreement means you accept the level of cleaning.

  • If you have signed a handing over the keys agreement and the apartment has not been cleaned when you move in, no cleaning can be requested from Hoas as per the conditions of the handing over the keys agreement. If you do not accept the level of cleaning in the apartment, do not sign the handing over the keys agreement, and collect the keys from the Hoas service centre instead.

For rooms in shared apartments, the new tenant only accepts the level of cleaning in the room itself; for the common spaces, the tenant moving out can still be invoiced if any problems with the cleaning level are reported in the move-in reports.

The new tenant does not accept the general condition of the apartment when signing the handing over the keys agreement. For example, if there are holes in the doors or unprofessionally repaired walls, the tenant moving out is responsible for those. However, you must always report the faults to Hoas by submitting a move-in report within two weeks, so that you will not be held responsible for them. The two-week reporting period begins when you receive your keys. The new tenant signing a handing over the keys agreement also cannot accept an installation of laminate flooring or other unauthorised work done by the previous tenant.

Keep a copy of the handing over the keys agreement. You can have the door opened before the official start of the tenancy agreement by showing the guard a signed handing over the keys agreement and a printed copy of the tenancy agreement.