General info

There are a few things to remember when you move out. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Terminate the tenancy agreement on time. Notice of termination must always be given in writing. Remember that your term of notice is one full calendar month. So if you give notice of termination on 15th July, your agreement will end on the last day of the following full month, i.e. 31st August. Fixed-term agreements cannot be terminated. You can find more information about giving notice of termination.
  • Transfer your contracts to the new apartment as necessary (electricity, internet, etc.) and terminate any contracts you no longer need.
  • Don't forget to change your address and notify the local register office that you are moving.
  • Remember that there will be an inspection. The apartment will be inspected during the last month of your tenancy. You will not be notified of the inspection beforehand.
  • Make sure any requests for repair or cleaning left for you in the apartment are taken care of.
  • The purpose of the apartment inspection is to check the condition of the apartment. If the condition needs improvement, the tenant will be notified of this. Fix any problems before you move out. If the problems are still present after your agreement has ended, Hoas may deduct the cost of fixing them from your deposit according to the tenant charge sheet.
  • Get help for the move or ask your friends to help you. Remember also to get boxes etc. ahead of time.
  • Remember that you must clean the apartment thoroughly when you move out, even when there was no particular mention of cleaning in the inspection notice. It might take a while to finish the cleaning so please start early. If you have cleaned the apartment regularly and properly during the time you lived there, the final cleaning should not be too much trouble.
  • If you had a washing machine, make sure that the water inlets and outlets are plugged properly.
  • If the apartment inspector left you plugs that do not fit, it is your responsibility to get plugs that do fit and make sure that water inlets and outlets are properly plugged.
  • The apartment and possibly the storage cage in the basement (if you used one) must be emptied out. Don't forget to take your bike out of the bike storage room.
  • Return your key to Hoas on time. Check that you are returning all the keys you received (for example a key to the car heating post). Do not leave the keys in the apartment for the next tenant! More information about returning your keys.