Termination of the tenancy

You must always terminate the tenancy agreement in writing. The easiest way is to fill in a notice of termination form. When giving notice on your tenancy agreement, please remember the period of notice for the tenant.

If you live in an apartment for friends or family and all the tenants are moving out, every tenant must submit a notice of termination (you can fill it in together or each tenant can do it separately).  You cannot terminate a tenancy agreement on behalf of another person. If you are separating from a partner or leaving an apartment for friends, you should also look into procedure involved.

You can also submit a notice of termination by letter or in person at the Hoas service centre. You cannot submit a notice of termination by email or phone.

Fill in the notice of termination carefully

The notice of termination must include all relevant information concerning the tenant, the apartment and the tenancy. We cannot confirm the termination if the details on the form are not correct.

  • If you have filled in incorrect information, you cannot correct it yourself later. Instead, you must contact Hoas housing services (if you have for example indicated a later agreement end date than you intended). 

You will be sent a written confirmation of your notice of termination

When you have given notice, you will be sent a written confirmation of your notice of termination as well as instructions concerning moving out. If you have given us your current email address, you will also be sent an email confirmation.

If you do not receive a written confirmation approximately within five business days of submitting your notice of termination, please contact the Hoas housing services to check that your notice of termination has been successful.

Notice period

The notice period is always one calendar month. The notice period starts from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice of termination was submitted. Remember to give your notice well in advance.

Fixed-term agreements

Fixed-term agreements and tenancy agreements that have time limitations end on the date indicated on the agreement and do not need to be terminated explicitly.

The tenant can also terminate a fixed-term tenancy agreement with a notice period of one calendar month. An exception to this rule are the fixed-term spring and summer tenancy agreements and agreements with exchange students for furnished apartments, which end on the specified date automatically.

The lessor's notice period

The lessor's notice period is six calendar months, if the agreement has been in effect for at least one year. For agreements that have been in effect for less than a year, the lessor's notice period is three calendar months.

The most common reason for Hoas terminating your agreement is the fact that you have either completed your studies or interrupted them.

Tenants living in shared apartments have an option to use twelve (12) months lessor’s notice period regardless of how long their agreement has been valid. The longer notice period is possible if there have been no problems during the occupancy, all payments are in order and there is no other reason not to extend it. Fixed-term agreements will however end when the fixed-term period expires.

Can the termination be cancelled?

If you have submitted a notice of termination and received a confirmation for it, your tenancy had ended and the apartment is considered free to be re-rented. However, if you would like to cancel the termination and stay in the apartment, please call Hoas housing services as soon as possible.

When you call our housing services, we will check if the apartment has already been offered or rented to another person. If the apartment is still free, we can usually cancel the termination (but please note that Hoas reserves the right to not cancel it).

If the termination can be cancelled, we will ask you to put your wish to cancel it in writing on email. In the case of agreements for friends or family, the cancellation must come from all those who submitted the termination.

When we get your confirmation, the termination will be cancelled and your tenancy agreement can be continued on the previous terms. We will charge you 42 euros for the cancellation according to the tenant charge sheet. The cancellation of a notice of termination cannot be reversed, so if you change your mind again, you will have to submit a new notice of termination.

Can Hoas's notice of termination be cancelled?

If Hoas has terminated your agreement, the termination usually cannot be cancelled as the lessor will only do this for a good reason (for example, if you have completed your studies). However, if your situation changes, for example you start new studies in a different school, then please contact Hoas housing services immediately. We will check if it is possible to cancel the termination on a case-by-case basis.

Moving day

The official moving date is the last day of your tenancy agreement.

When the tenancy agreement ends, all your other reservations through Hoas will also be cancelled, such as parking spaces and sauna reservations. If you have reserved a parking space or a sauna time slot elsewhere, please contact that party to cancel the reservation.

As the moving date gets closer, you will receive a confirmation of the end of your tenancy agreement and instructions for moving out. More information about returning your keys can be found in the section concerning keys.