Termination of the tenancy

You must always terminate the tenancy agreement in writing. The easiest way is to fill in a notice of termination form. When giving notice on your tenancy agreement, please remember the period of notice for the tenant.

If you live in an apartment for friends or family and all the tenants are moving out, every tenant must submit a notice of termination (you can fill it in together or each tenant can do it separately).  You cannot terminate a tenancy agreement on behalf of another person. If you are separating from a partner or leaving an apartment for friends, you should also look into procedure involved.

You can also submit a notice of termination by letter or in person at the Hoas service centre. You cannot submit a notice of termination by email or phone.

Fill in the notice of termination carefully

The notice of termination must include all relevant information concerning the tenant, the apartment and the tenancy. We cannot confirm the termination if the details on the form are not correct.

  • If you have filled in incorrect information, you cannot correct it yourself later. Instead, you must contact Hoas housing services (if you have for example indicated a later agreement end date than you intended). 

You will be sent a written confirmation of your notice of termination

When you have given notice, you will be sent a written confirmation of your notice of termination as well as instructions concerning moving out. If you have given us your current email address, you will also be sent an email confirmation.

If you do not receive a written confirmation approximately within five business days of submitting your notice of termination, please contact the Hoas housing services to check that your notice of termination has been successful.