Notice period

The notice period is always one calendar month. The notice period starts from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice of termination was submitted. Remember to give your notice well in advance.

Fixed-term agreements

Fixed-term agreements and tenancy agreements that have time limitations end on the date indicated on the agreement and do not need to be terminated explicitly.

The tenant can also terminate a fixed-term tenancy agreement with a notice period of one calendar month. An exception to this rule are the fixed-term spring and summer tenancy agreements and agreements with exchange students for furnished apartments, which end on the specified date automatically.

The lessor's notice period

The lessor's notice period is six calendar months, if the agreement has been in effect for at least one year. For agreements that have been in effect for less than a year, the lessor's notice period is three calendar months.

The most common reason for Hoas terminating your agreement is the fact that you have either completed your studies or interrupted them.