Selling or donating your personal items to the new tenant

If you want to donate or sell your items to the new tenants and they are willing to accept them, you should let Hoas know in writing. It is very important that the new tenants tell Hoas that they will accept the items you leave behind in the apartment. This is so that you will not be held responsible for removing them.

If Hoas only has the old tenant's notification of items they have agreed to leave in the apartment and the new tenant requests them to be removed as soon as they move in, the removal cost of these items can be charged from the old tenant. It is rare for this to happen, but occasionally a new tenant will change his or her mind about the items after moving in.

If Hoas can prove that the new tenant has notified Hoas in writing that they want these items to be left in the apartment, the old tenant will no longer be responsible for them. If only the old tenant has notified Hoas that they will be leaving a bookshelf for the new tenants, it is hard to prove that there was any agreement between the tenants, or at least that the agreement was mutual.

The safest way to go about this is to ask for a copy of the message sent to Hoas, so that you can be sure that the new tenant has also agreed in writing to accept the items.

If you, as a new tenant, accept items from the old tenant, remember that once you have sent a message to Hoas accepting the items, you can no longer ask Hoas to remove the items from the apartment. They become your responsibility.

Please note that you cannot "donate" any unauthorised changes you have made to the apartment, like laminate flooring you installed.

Instructions for the new tenant concerning accepting items can be found here.