Repair or cleaning requests

During the preliminary inspection, the inspector may leave repair or cleaning requests in the apartment. These requests will list things that the tenant moving out should pay special attention to. Remember that the inspector will not move furniture or other objects, so the preliminary inspection does not make you exempt from fixing faults that are hidden behind furniture. The preliminary inspection also does not release the tenant from any responsibilities imposed by the tenancy agreement – if the apartment is inspected on 15th July and you break a wash basin on 17th July, you are still responsible for the damage, even though it could not have been mentioned in the inspection report.

A cleaning request lists the most obvious problems with cleanliness, but the lack of a detailed listing doesn't mean that you don't have to do a final clean. You must always clean the apartment when you move out. The inspection focuses in particular on ingrained dirt and grime that has accumulated over time – for example red mould in the bathroom or deposit in the grout lines.

You must fix the issues listed in the repair and cleaning requests while you still have control of the apartment – you cannot go to do them when a new tenant has already moved in. The tenant may be charged for putting right these kinds of shortcomings in accordance with the tenant charge sheet.

If a request to repair or clean contains something that you do not understand, please contact the maintenance department of Hoas, so that we can resolve the matter with you.