Apartment inspections

Preliminary inspection

The preliminary inspection will be carried out during the last month of your tenancy. The inspector will check the apartment for anything that needs maintenance or repairing and they will also assess the cleanliness of the apartment.

You can check the timetable for the inspections here.

The preliminary inspection also does not release the tenant from their responsibilities. The preliminary inspection is carried out during the last month of tenancy and the situation may change after that. So if you, for example, break the apartment door as you move out, you will get charged for the broken door even if your apartment was in order at the time of the preliminary inspection.

If you have any questions regarding the preliminary inspection, please contact the maintenance services at Hoas, so that we can try to answer your questions and solve potential problems.

Apartment inspections in separation cases

Sometimes only some of the tenants in an apartment for friends or family move out and the rest continue to live there. In these cases, the apartment inspection takes a different course.

The inspector will check the condition of the apartment, but will not comment on the level of cleanliness (except in cases of gross neglect, where the surfaces in the apartment are at risk of permanent damage). The inspector will also not check the ceiling connection boxes.

The inspector will go over certain points that affect the condition of the apartment and may, for example, make a note of shelves that are bolted into the wall and add a request to remove the shelves, fill the holes with putty, and paint over them. This ensures that the tenants have a chance to agree on the repairs between them. It is also intended to make sure that the tenant staying on in the apartment understands that unless the faults are fixed during this move, he/she will be responsible for them later. In that case, the tenant remaining in the apartment has to either fix the faults or pay the cost of fixing them to Hoas when they move out.

Inspection after moving out

Please note that when the tenancy agreement ends, your right to control the apartment also ends. This means that once you hand the keys over at the end of the month, you cannot go back to the apartment to repair things or to clean the apartment to the requested cleanliness level. You must make sure the apartment is ready for the move while your agreement is still valid. Your moving day is the next business day after your agreement ends, so if your agreement ends on Saturday 30th June, your moving day will be Monday 2nd July.

The apartment inspector will inspect the apartment as soon as possible during the next few business days after your agreement expires. At the busiest times, all inspections take longer than they do in the quieter months.

You can check the timetable for the inspections here.

If any issues are found during the inspection, the inspector will order the required repair or cleaning work. If the tenant fails to act on this request, the shortcomings will be remedied by a Hoas partner, at which point the matter is out of the tenant’s hands. The tenant may be charged for the work in accordance with tenant charge sheet.