Name change on the door, change of address

The name list in the hallway is updated three times per year, so your name will be added to the list during the next update after your move. The list shows your family name and your apartment number, so you do not necessarily need to put your name on the actual apartment door. If you wish, you can put a name sticker on the door, but you must be able to remove it without any damage when you leave.

Please note that you should not add your name to the door buzzer board in order to keep it tidy: the apartment numbers in the list will tell the visitor which buzzer they should press.

Please also remember to submit notification of change of address to both Digital and Population Data services Agency and Posti. The change of address or cessation of mail delivery should be done well in time, so that your mail will be delivered to the correct address from your chosen date. The law requires that you submit a change of address notification within a week of moving.

Also give your new address to your bank, your phone operator, the library, any newspaper subscriptions, and your friends and relatives. Get a new insurance policy for your new address and while you're at it, find out if the premium still corresponds to the value of your belongings or if you should perhaps raise it.