Moving into a Hoas apartment

There is a lot to remember when you are moving into a new apartment. To help you keep track of everything important, we have put together a checklist for moving in:

  1. If you need to get your own electricity contract for the apartment, don't leave it too late. 
  2. Notify the authorities of your change of address on time (more information on the Population Register Centre). Also remember to let the bank, your phone operator, the library, the newspapers, and your friends and relatives know your new address.
  3. Get home insurance for your apartment or transfer your existing insurance to the new address. If you are transferring your existing insurance, also make sure that the insured amount is sufficient. 
  4. Get a fire alarm for your apartment, if the property does not have an automatic fire alarm system.
  5. You can get the key from the Hoas office on the first business day of the month. If the previous tenant has allowed their contact details to be given to you, you can also sign a agreement of handling over the keys.
  6. Check the condition of your apartment and submit a move-in report within 10 calendar days of receiving the key. Notify Hoas immediately if the apartment needs cleaning. 
  7. Remember that Hoas apartments are unfurnished, unless otherwise specified in your tenancy agreement. If there are any extra furnishings (including ceiling lights) that you do not want to keep, let Hoas know about them. 
  8. Also take care to dispose of any moving boxes and other packaging materials according to waste recycling instructions. You must flatten cardboard boxes before putting them in the cardboard collection container, to stop it filling up too quickly.

If the primary inspection of the apartment revealed shortcomings, another inspection will be carried out during the first few days of your rental agreement. You can see the new tenants' inspection schedule on Hoas' website.