If you accept items from the previous tenant

The previous tenant may offer you some items and furniture they have had in the apartment. If you want to accept some of these, please let Hoas know as soon as possible. If you notify Hoas before the end of the month and prior to the beginning of your tenancy agreement, we can add a note to the inspection form, so that the apartment inspector will not order the items to be removed.

If you accept items like wall shelves, please remember that when you move out, you will be responsible for removing the shelves, filling in the holes and painting the wall. Similarly, if you accept a washing machine, the inlet and outlet connections of the machine will be your responsibility. For this reason, you should ask for a receipt of the installation work, so that you can, if necessary, prove to your insurance company that the washing machine was professionally installed.

As a general rule, before accepting items, consider carefully what you are willing to take responsibility for.

Also, remember that if you tell Hoas that you will accept some of the previous tenant's items, you cannot ask Hoas to remove such items later – they will now be yours to move.