There is a notice of a cleaning or repair work order in my apartment

If cleaning or repairs were considered necessary during the final inspection made in your new apartment while the previous tenant was still living there, the apartment will have been re-inspected after the end of last month, which is during the time you have been living there.

If the previous tenant did not fix the problems or only fixed some of them, the apartment inspector will order the necessary work to be done. The order form may include a note that the work will be charged to the tenant. In such cases, the new tenant that has just moved in will not be charged.

The work ordered will be carried out as soon as possible. If there is a reason why the maintenance staff cannot enter the apartment using a master key (for example, a pet), please contact Hoas as soon as possible to pass this information to the maintenance company.

Don't forget to report all the faults in the apartment to Hoas, regardless of any cleaning or repair requests left in the apartment.



Please note that if the inspector has ordered a cleaning company to clean the apartment, the cleaners will not remove your belongings. Also the cleaning will be carried out only according the cleaning order and cleaners will not clean anything else in the apartment. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning company's cleaning work, you should inform Hoas immediately about it so that the possible lack of the cleaning could be verified.