The previous tenant did not clean the apartment when they moved out

First, the most important thing: Shortcomings in cleaning must be reported to Hoas immediately, but no later than three days after picking up the keys.

There are limits in everything, and cleaning up the chaos left by the previous tenant is not the new tenant's responsibility. Since the concept of "full chaos" is understood differently by different tenants, you can ask Hoas to send their apartment inspector to determine the need for cleaning. If you know yourself to be very exacting in terms of cleaning, it is worth examining the shortcomings of cleaning in the context – Hoas' apartments are rarely new and may contain traces of living.

Insufficient final cleaning after the last tenant moved out does not, as a rule, prevent a new tenant from moving in. The new tenant can clean the apartment to match their own requirements. If you find the apartment to be untidy and want it to be inspected again, let Hoas know as soon as possible – at the latest, within three days of getting the keys. When you check the cleanliness of the apartment, try to determine whether it was in fact the cleaning that was insufficient or if the marks are due to normal wear and tear. For example, there is often grime around the hotplates that simply cannot be removed by cleaning. This does not affect the functioning of the hotplates.

If you let Hoas know that you think the apartment is not clean, Hoas will send an apartment inspector to check whether the level of cleanliness is below Hoas quality specifications. Please note that during busy times, like at the beginning of September, the apartment inspector is not likely to be available immediately. The inspector will order the necessary cleaning and repair services. The work commissioned by the apartment inspector will be carried out as soon as possible. If you clean the apartment yourself, Hoas will not give you any compensation in the rent. Cleaning is generally charged to the tenant, and Hoas cannot charge the previous tenant for cleaning that is done by the new tenant.

Also, keep in mind that the initial condition of the apartment does not justify skipping your own final cleaning. That is, when you move out, you cannot leave the apartment dirty, claiming that that was how it was when you moved in.