Considering the age and the condition of the apartment

When assessing the condition of an apartment, you should remember than even the laws concerning rental apartments state that the apartment must be in such condition as can be reasonably expected, taking into account how old the apartment is, the general level of housing in the area and other local considerations. In other words, you cannot expect a 15-year-old apartment to be in the same condition as one that has just been built.

At Hoas, we have a long term plan to maintain our properties. There may be differences in the condition of properties which are at different stages of their life cycle. Properties that have just been built or renovated will obviously be in better condition than those that are due to be renovated in a couple of years. We don't usually carry out much repair work in such properties to improve the appearance of the apartments, since they will be fixed properly once renovated.  Reasonable signs of wear are part of normal life and also in line with the natural wear and tear of the property.