Jämeräntaival 10

Otaniemi teekkarikylä, Espoo


Excellent (general condition of the property)

Apartment types

Very popular property, very rarely available apartments.

The red-brick apartments at Jämeräntaival are located on the edge of the Laajalahti bay. The area is very quiet and naturally beautiful. The property is within walking distance of the Aalto University. Otaniemi also has fast connections to Helsinki as well as other parts of Espoo.

A basic renovation has finished at the property in the summer of year 2020. In the basic renovation the sewer system, electrics, ventilation system and all the surfaces and fixtures of the apartments and common spaces have been renewed. (Read more about the renovation)

Basic details


Special characteristics of the area

Additional information

Apartments will only be rented to students of the Aalto University. In roomie apartments all tenants must be students of Aalto university. In family apartments, it is enough for one tenant to study there. Only stairways G and H have lifts; those parts of the property were completed in 1995. The tenants can also reserve sauna and laundry turns at Jämeräntaival 9 and 11.

Jämeräntaival 10 apartment and appliance manuals

Tenant reviews


Kiva kämppä! Hinta todella hyvä kuntoon nähden. Kivat saunatilat. Kannattaa muuttaa.
Peruskorjauksen jälkeen täydellinen asunto. Ei moitteita. Valoisa, avara, tyylikäs ja siisti.
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