Intiankatu 20

Koskela-Kumpula, Helsinki


Excellent (general condition of the property)

Examples of floor plans

Very popular property, very rarely available apartments.

This property is centrally located in the Kumpula campus area. The Kumpula area is idyllic and green, and only a short distance from the centre of Helsinki. The neighbourhood features Kumpula outdoor pool and an allotment garden. The property is within walking distance of the Arabia shopping centre. The apartments are cooled by an automatic ventilation system.

Tenant reviews


Quite a nice place to live in. Pluses: - Perfect location, buses to and from city center nonstop, easy connection to Pasila and Viikki - Arabia shopping mall is small and perfect, all shops you need (lidl, smarket, ksupermarket, tokmanni, alko, faunatar...), but a 15min walk - Saunas are great and cozy - Huge lift for easy moving in/out - Enough space in storage room and nobody complaining about theirs being taken - Ventilation system is good - Laundry rarely breaks down - Cool parties with Väinö Auerin katu, friendly neighbors - I actually like the linoleum floor being orange, and in the bathroom yellow walls are also quite cozy - My apartment has a window in the bathroom. Minuses: - Buildings 20 and 21 are considered one, so laundry is located only in 20 and bio-cardboard-paper garbage point only near 21 - irritating for both - The architectural decision to make a glass corridor was definitely a stupid one, side windows are either closed during summer or forgotten in winter, so it's either freezing or like 45 degrees there - All apartments have huge toilets for no reason - Smoking area is right next to sauna and entrance, so poor folks who live next to it - Bicycle storage is big, but the parking area has no roof, getting the bike inside in bad weather is irritating - Building 20 has a Vekarakirppis, it gets full of children, and I can imagine the noise being loud for the floor above it - Cold/Hot, Noisy Some complain their apartments being cold in winter and hot in summer - haha. Before I lived in Väinö Auerin katu, and there it was sometimes 16 degrees in the kitchen in a winter morning, although peaceful and quiet. I got accustomed to being cold. My apartment is a rare one and the coldest one. The corner of the building, a big balcony, a window in the bathroom - and only 1 small battery. 17-19 degrees it is. Street sounds are very loud, windows get dirty with road dust, sunlight only in my bathroom in the summertime. But hey, in the summer I'm chilling out!
Erittäin tyytyväinen asuntoon ja erityisesti sijaintiin! Ainoina miinuksina: asunto on melkoa pimeä, koska luonnonvaloa tulee vain lyhyen aikaa päivästä sisälle (erityisesti talvisin) sekä muovimatto.
Loistava sijainti sekä kulkuyhteydet, rauhallinen kiinteistö ja hyväkuntoinen asunto.