Tenants' co-operation body

The tenants' co-operation body acts as a link between Hoas, the tenants and representatives of the student unions. The co-operation body discusses matters that have far-reaching effects for the tenants. A caring and open tenant community is created through communal activities. The co-operation body offers tenants a way to have an impact on tenant activities and housing conditions.

The themes of the meetings are confirmed for a year at a time. Central themes are communality, tenant activity, housing costs, property maintenance, the general conditions of the tenancy agreement, the rules and regulations in the property and other current matters. The recommendations for developing the foundation's operations given by the co-operation body are reported to the board of directors.

The tenants' co-operation body consists of the tenant member of the board of directors, who also acts as the chairman, eight tenant representatives, the chairman of the housing division, a member of the housing division, representatives of three student unions and representatives of the office.