Hoas in brief

Hoas is an example of what the student community can do together. It all began when 16 student organisations in the Helsinki area put their heads together, gathered a small amount of capital and took out a hefty bank loan. Those were the humble beginnings of the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, which has worked since 1969 to provide affordable rental housing for students. In 50 years, that small amount of start-up capital has turned into a business with a turnover of 70 million euro and almost 10 000 student apartments.


The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) is a non-profit foundation and it was founded to relieve the shortage of student housing in the capital area. The Hoas foundation is directed by and operated with governing bodies that include for example executive board, board of directors, managing director and tenants' co-operation body.

Hoas in numbers

Hoas has over 9700 apartments and nearly 19000 tenants. International students represent 150 different nationalities. The average rent is 13,06 euros per square meter. Hoas has a revenue of 70 million euros and there are 66 persons working permanently in the office.


The values guiding Hoas' operations are responsibility, fairness, considering individual needs, transparency and safety.

Corporate Responsibility

Hoas abides by the essential regulations, guidelines and principles that promote sustainable development. We expect our partners to also support sustainability. 

Privacy policy

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