Hoas Helmi chatbot- customer service helper

Chatbot Helmi can be found at the Hoas chat, where she is helping you (in Finnish) with questions related to applying and living at Hoas. Usually Helmi is there 24/7 but sometimes she might be having a coffee break. Helmi is still on a trainee period.

When you talk to Helmi, please note that she prefers short questions and one at a time. Helmi knows answers to the most important questions like “how to apply for an apartment” and “when do I pay my rent.” However, every language has its tricks, especially the Finnish language. If you can’t get the right answer right away, try asking again little differently and make sure there are no typos.

Helmi is constantly being trained based on the conversations she has. The more you talk to Helmi, the more she learns. If she can’t find an answer, she’ll ask you to fill in a contact form. You can also try to find the answer by using the search function on the top of the page.

At the moment Helmi only speaks Finnish, but we will soon send her on an English language course.