Kylävainionkuja 6 /tenant committee

Tenant committe warmly welcome all the new and old tenants to live in this property. There are currently four members in the tenant committee for the year 2017. Our main goal is to organize parties, events, trips and make useful purchases. Please like our facebook page for news and annoucements. 

We receive a certain amount of money from HOAS to organize parties and events during the year 2017. We would like to engage all of you while organizing these events. We can also use the money to buy goods that are useful for the tenants, for example, toolkits. We use the page to announce these events and collect ideas. At the page, you may also ask about practicalities while living at HOAS apartment.

Some of the interesting events that we will organize during 2017 are:

  1. Summer BBQ
  2. Free moving service for 3 days in Autumn when new academic year start (Must be resident of Kylavainionkuja in order to use the service)
  3. If there are critical mass, perhaps, a small trip outside Helsinki, for example, Tallinn,  and will be financed by tenant committee.
  4. Pre-Christmas Party

Please stay tuned to our FB page for the announcements. 


Booking Common Space

In addition, Tenant committee can give you access to the club room for organizing your own parties. It has fridge, cook stove, Television and other essentials.

You can also book common room via the facebook page . Please remember to send a separate message after you have booked it through the FB. If you do not have a FB page you can book the common room directly from THIS LINK. In that case please ask the key via email

Gym Room

There is a small gym room located beside laundry room. The door to the gym hall opens outside of the A buildind just next to the carpet cleaning hanger. You can get the key to the gym room by sending email at

Brand New Coffee Machine has arrived

Dear Tenants, We have just bought a brand new coffee machine to our clubroom. Anyone is welcome to use it when they organize party in the clubroom.