Who can apply for a Hoas apartment?

You can apply for a Hoas apartment, if

The apartment offer cannot be accepted before school has started and you have enrolled for your studies. If you are just starting your studies and your term begins in January, you cannot accept an apartment in December. The summer months are an exception to this: if you are beginning your studies in the autumn, you can accept an apartment already in June.

Applicants who are of legal age must have an official identity document. Students from outside the capital area or the surrounding municipalities can apply for a Hoas apartment if they have to stay in the capital area or surrounding municipalities due to work experience or their research or thesis, related to their current studies. In such cases, they may only apply for an apartment for the duration of the work experience, research or thesis work. Post-graduate students are not prioritised for apartment offers. Read more on what basis are the apartments rented.

In the spring and summer, Hoas apartments are also available to other people besides students

Hoas has furnished apartments available for the spring term from January to May and unfurnished apartments for the summer months from April to August. Anyone who has a temporary job or studies in the capital area or surrounding municipalities can apply spring and summer apartments. At other times, only degree students can apply for Hoas apartments.