What is included in the rent?

The rent is based on apartment’s size, location, property’s age and made basic renovations among other things. Rents are generally higher in newer or recently renovated properties as well as in apartments that are close to central Helsinki.

The rent in Hoas's unfurnished apartments includes:

  • Water
  • Electricity in all shared apartments and some other apartment types

Electricity is included in the rent in all shared apartments. In studios and apartments for friends and family, electricity is included in the rent in some cases, but in newer properties the tenant will sign their own electricity contract and can therefore control their own bills by reducing their electricity use. The apartment offer will state whether electricity is included in the rent or not.

Additional free services (in almost all properties):

In most properties, tenants can also rent a car parking space for an separate fee.

Mainly Hoas apartments and rooms are unfurnished. There are some furnished studios with shared kitchen/mini kitchen. Otherwise furnished apartments are offered mainly to exchange students.