Studio with mini kitchen

Studio with a mini kitchen is a one-person apartment with an own room, a mini kitchen and a bathroom. The equipment found in the mini kitchen is the same as in a kitchen, except for an oven, which is not included in the mini kitchen.

In the Maakaari and Haukilahdenkuja studios, the mini kitchen also has the possibility of using a common kitchen. The idea of the common kitchen is to bring the residents of a stairway together and advance the sense of communality of neighbours.

In order to apply for a studio with a mini kitchen, choose studio in your apartment application and then choose studio with mini-kitchen.


To whom: Single applicants (not pets), post-graduate students cannot apply for studio apartments
Location: Helsinki: Haukilahdenkuja 15, Juhana Herttuan Tie 3, Maakaari 1 and Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29, Servinkuja 5
Apartment rent: approx. 510 - 560 euros
Apartment size: approx. 26 - 39 m2
Pets: Pets are not allowed in studios with mini kitchen
Occupancy time: 5 years, you cannot re-apply for a studio apartment once you have used up the time of occupancy


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