Studio apartment

All basic degree students may apply for studio apartments. Studios have a limited occupancy time of 5 years. The demand for studio apartments is very high and the waiting time for studio apartments might be several months or even a year.

Studio apartments are always rented to one person. A studio consists of a room, kitchen/cooking space and a bathroom. Studios are rented unfurnished, but usually wardrobes are provided. There are refrigerator, freezer and stove in kitchen.


To whom: Single applicants, Single applicants with pets (post-graduate students cannot apply for studio apartments)
Location: Helsinki and Espoo mainly
Apartment rent: approx. 450 - 660 euros
Apartment size: approx. 19 - 46 m2
Pets: You can have a pet in a studio apartment
Occupancy time: 5 years, you cannot re-apply for a studio apartment once you have used up the time of occupancy


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