Roomie apartment

The roomie apartment is a new way of living with friends, in which the residents have the possibility to influence the choice of roommates.

Friends and siblings moving together for studies and students who have found each other through the Hoas Matchie search (2-3 people) can apply for a roomie apartment. A vacant room of a roomie apartment can also be applied for alone.

All residents of a roomie apartment have to be full-time students. A separate rental agreement is made with each resident for their own room. When the roommates change, the residents of the roomie apartment have the possibility to influence the choice of the new resident according to directions given by Hoas.

Roomie apartment – both two- and three-room apartments – are located all over the capital region. The roomie apartment have 2-3 rooms, a kitchenette/open kitchen/kitchen and a bathroom. Each resident has their own lockable room. The roommates share the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The maintenance and cleaning of common space is the joint responsibility of all the residents.

Roomie apartment are rented without furniture, with the exception of a wardrobe in each bedroom. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a freezer and a stove.

Read more on how to apply for a roomie apartment here.


To whom: People applying alone or with friends (also with pets)
Location: Almost all Hoas properties
Room rent (approx.): 300 - 500 euros

Room size: approx. 10 - 16 m2
Apartment size (approx.):

  • Two-room apartment 38 - 77 m2
  • Three-room apartment 58 - 84 m2

Pets: You can have a pet in a roomie apartment


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