Unfurnished apartments for the summer

Hoas has unfurnished apartments for the summer months from April to August. Anyone who has for example a summer job or studies in the capital area or surrounding municipalities can apply with the summer apartment application.

Summer apartments are rooms in a shared apartment and family apartments. You can find more information about the apartment types and rents from our website. Most of the apartments are rooms in a shared apartment. There is limited availability for family apartments. There are no studios, two-room apartments for one person or roomie apartments available for the summer.

Summer apartments are mostly situated in the Western and Eastern Helsinki, in Espoo and in Vantaa. There are no summer apartments in the Helsinki city center or in the areas near the center. Unfurnished family apartments are located in the outskirts of the cities. You can browse the locations of Hoas apartments here.

  • The deposit is 260 euros for shared apartments, 500 euros for family apartments.
  • The tenancy agreement will be made for minimum of one calendar month.
  • The summer apartments are not rented only for the month of August.
  • You can live in these apartments until 31st August.

Usually it is possible to continue living in the unfurnished summer apartment in the autumn if you get a study place in the Helsinki metropolitan area and you satisfy the Hoas's criteria for tenant selection. The tenant must submit a new housing application on our website and write to the application that you wish to stay at the current summer apartment.

Apply for an apartment with the summer apartment application

You can only fill in an summer apartment application a maximum of four months before you wish to move in and after you have received a confirmation of your summer job or summer school. We aim to offer the apartment as close as possible to your summer job or summer study place or within good public transportation connections. Please note that we will only be aware of apartments freeing up roughly a month in advance, so you may receive your offer quite close to the moving date. A summer apartment application entitles you to have a maximum of one apartment offer.


More information about temporary stays in the summer is available from our housing services at housingservices[at]hoas.fi.