Who has priority for being offered a Hoas apartment?

Construction of Hoas student housing is subsidised by the state. This is why Hoas apartments cannot be offered to just anyone; Hoas tenant selection is regulated by ARA, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland. Hoas also has its own rules which affect the choice of tenants.

Priority will be given to applicants who are

  • homeless
  • of modest means and/or have a low income
  • otherwise in urgent need of an apartment
  • studying to complete a basic degree

At the beginning of terms, from August to October and from January to February, any apartments that become available (excluding studios) are offered to new students as a rule. Priority is given to applicants who come from outside of the capital area.

Anyone studying in the capital area has priority over those studying in the surrounding municipalities. Apartments located in Helsinki are primarily given to those who study in Helsinki. When applying together with friends or family, at least one of the applicants must study in Helsinki. Find out more about setting the maximum rent and area requests.

Post-graduate students and those aiming to complete competence-based qualifications are not prioritised for apartment offers.

In addition to this, some properties have their own specific rules that are based on the ownership of the properties and the conditions of land leases.

Hoas follows the campus principle when offering apartments

We strive to find our applicants a housing solution that supports their studies. The apartments are rented out according to the campus principle. The applicants are offered an apartment that is preferably near their school and/or close to public transport and in the city where the applicant is studying.

  • Hoas considers the transport connections good if a one-way trip to school on public transport takes a maximum of 45-50 minutes.