Special conditions due to land lease contract

Some properties owned by Hoas have specific arrangements, for example with the land owner, which lead to exceptions in tenant selection.

  • The family apartments in the following properties are rented primarily to families with children: Harustie 7-8, Karstulantie 8, Katajannokanranta 21, Kilpolantie 16, Kurkisuontie 12, Muusantori 5, Myrttitie 2, Pallaksentie 4, Pekankatu 5, Rekipellontie 15, Rälssintie 16.
  • Kasperinkuja 13: Students of Snellman-korkeakoulu are given priority when selecting tenants. The priority is due to a joint land reservation together with the Ahtola Foundation.
  • Kilonrinne 10: The following priority rules are followed for this property: 1. members of the SSBS founding organisation, 2. Swedish-speaking members of Hoas's Swedish and bilingual founding organisations, 3. members of Hoas's other founding organisations.
  • Opastinsilta 2: 21 housing spaces have been reserved for Farmasiakunta Ry.
  • Apartments in Otaniemi (Jämeräntaival 9-11, Servin Maijan tie 3, Servinkuja 5-6): Apartments will only be rented to students of the Aalto University. In roomie apartments, all tenants must be students at Aalto university. In family apartments, it is enough for one tenant to study there.
  • Paraistentie 18: Medical students are prioritised in tenant selection.
  • Pitäjänmäentie 13: Music students are prioritised in tenant selection. Family apartments are rented primarily to families with children. There are sound-proofed apartments in stairwell C.
  • Talonpojantie 10: The following priority rules are followed for this property:
    1. Students that meet the tenant criteria set by the Foundation, Stiftelse Latokartano – Vicus Agriculturae Studiosorumin (Latokartanosäätiö) and Housing for forestry students (Silvica).
    2. Helsinki University students of the faculty of agriculture and forestry.
    The priority rules are based on the conditions of the land lease contract between Latokartano sport- and house of culture foundation and Hoas.
  • Members of the boards in national student organisations like SYL and SAMOK can rent Hoas apartments for the duration of their term in the board of directors.
  • In the following properties, some apartments are still rented out by the city of Helsinki, because the properties have previously been owned by the city: Hakaniemenranta 12, Katajanokanranta 21, Kirstinmäki 7, Kylmäojantie 4. As and when the tenants selected by the city terminate their tenancy agreements, the apartments will be rented to students according to Hoas's normal rules.